Campania, a region located in southern Italy, bathed by the waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, bordered by Lazio, Molise, Puglia and Basilicata. Naples, its capital, is considered one of the most important ports in Italy and the Mediterranean for its enormous commercial and tourist traffic. Campania is divided into five provinces; Naples, Salerno, Caserta, Benevento and Avellino, all with great historical and natural attractions, undoubtedly it is the impressive Amalfi coast that extends from the Gulf of Sorrento to Salerno and its beautiful islands off the Gulf of Naples, which identify this region. The production of oil, wine and above all the buffalo breeding for the production of the world famous Buffalo Mozzarella cheese, are products that detonate the economy of the region.


Campania, a region blessed with unparalleled natural beauty, offers the world landscapes and tours of astonishing beauty, such as the Amalfi Coast where you can visit Vietri Sul Mare, Ravello, Amalfi and Positano. As well as its islands of incomparable beauty: Capri (blue grotto), Ischia and Procida. Paestum, the best preserved Greek archaeological site in the world. Pompeii and Herculaneum, Roman cities buried by the Vesuvius volcano in 79 AD.

Only 31 km from Naples is the royal palace of Caserta, its construction was ordered by King Charles VII to function as a royal residence and administrative capital of the new kingdom of Naples. The museum-chapel of Sansevero houses inside the veiled Christ, one of the most famous and impressive works of art in the world. As you stroll through the historic center of Naples and its Spanish quarters, you will come across the Galleria Humberto I, a shopping mall dedicated to Humberto I king of Italy.


The Margarita pizza made with tomato, mozzarella and basil, in honor of the Italian flag and Queen Margherita of Savoy, wife of the King of Italy, who visited Naples after the Italian unification, is undoubtedly the symbol of Neapolitan cuisine. The exquisite gastronomy of Campania is based mainly on fish and seafood, due to the richness of its sea and the fertility of its land, originating a great variety of dishes and typical regional pastries that identify this beautiful region, such as: pizza, pasta, sgogliatelle, buffalo mozzarella and the world famous limoncello liqueur from Amalfi.