Emilia-Romagna, region located in northern Italy, bordering Lombardy, Veneto, Tuscany, Liguria, Piedmont, Le Marche and to the east its coasts are washed by the Adriatic Sea. Emilia refers to the via-Emilia, an important Roman road connecting Rome with the western part of Italy (Ravenna), which was the capital of the western (Byzantine) empire. Emilia Romagna links seven of its nine provincial capitals; Piacenza, Parma, Reggio Emilia, Modena, Ferrrara, Ravenna and Bologna its capital, an active city with the oldest university in the western world, porticoes and arches surrounding the streets and squares of its medieval historic center. The Romagna Region is known for its medieval towns and famous seaside resorts, it is also named “the valley of food”, for being the most fertile and productive region in Italy, as well as for its delicious gastronomy called “true Italian flavor”.


Emilia Romagna has its capital in Bologna, one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, with one of the largest historic centers in Europe and a beautiful main square, formed by real architectural gems. Its two medieval towers nestled in the heart of its historic center are the symbol of the city. A few kilometers from the capital, Parma is home to the Verdi Festival, which is held annually between September and October.

Modena, birthplace of the great tenor Luciano Pavarotti, is also known for its balsamic vinegar. For speed lovers, the Ferrari museum is located just a few minutes from this city. Ferrara, a city of medieval-renaissance appearance, which for three centuries was the fief of the Este family, who made it the most important cultural center in Europe, is just a few minutes from Bologna. Towards the east coast is Ravenna, world famous for its mosaics, rich in history, art and culture, it was the capital of the Roman-Byzantine empire. In Ravenna is the tomb of the great Dante Alighieri, philosopher and poet, author of the Divine Comedy. On the Adriatic coast is Rimini, beautiful and historic beach city, birthplace of the famous film director Federico Fellini.


The exquisite Romagna cuisine has made important contributions to world gastronomy; excellent cheeses, emblematic wines, traditional balsamic and exquisite cured meats. Emilia Romagna gave birth to the famous Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, the prosciutto of Parma, the mortadella of Bologna and the balsamic vinegar of Modena. Flavors and aromas that give identity to this beautiful region.