Hello, welcome to Italia del Alma, a blog inspired by the fascination that Italy provokes in the world. Italy is a country with an incalculable historical, artistic and cultural wealth, as well as amazing architectural jewels declared World Heritage by UNESCO. The privileged and proud Italian people, is obliged to protect, preserve and inherit in the best conditions its invaluable historical, artistic and cultural heritage to future generations around the world.

Italians are warm people who make living an art; they enjoy the little things in life, as well as having strong religious beliefs, customs, traditions and fundamental values, such as the important role of family in their lives. The warmth of its people makes this country unique and you will always want to come back.

According to Philippe Daverio (writer and art historian), “Italians are the bearers of a secret necessary for the equilibrium of the species: they know how to live, eat, dress and above all, they know how to enjoy life”.

This blog is the result of observations and deductions of a simple amateur, not as an expert, but as passionate and fascinated by Italy, its language, art, culture and above all, its people. Without a doubt, I will be pleased if you consider traveling in Italy and the information in this blog clarifies doubts and answers questions.