History 1

In 1980, when Giorgia was 20 years old, she flew to Rome to Perugia, Italy, a university town of Etruscan origin, surrounded by great medieval-Renaissance walls, located in the heart of Italy, with the purpose of studying Italian language and culture at the university for foreigners in that city. The Italian language beginner was fascinated by a country where history, art, culture and gastronomy merge, giving rise to the Stendhal syndrome (a psychosomatic disorder caused by exposure to a great deal of artistic wealth). She always dreamed of returning to the same town, to the same university to finish the certification in Italian Language and Culture… 30 years later she obtained the diploma in Italian Language and Culture, awarded by the University for Foreigners of Perugia Italy.

“At that time I was finishing my studies at the University and it would be the first time I would travel to Europe, specifically to Italy, thanks to the intermediation of Professor Giorgio Ferrari, who at that time was the director of the Casa de Italia in Guadalajara (cultural center for the promotion and dissemination of Italian language and culture) where I collaborated in my free time. It was he who arranged a scholarship for me to the prestigious Italian university for foreigners in Perugia. Thanks also to my family who, with fear and limited economic resources, made possible that trip, which looked like a crazy adventure, since, at that time, trips to Europe were not so accessible and safe; they gave me their blessing and I left”.

Perugia has one of the most beautiful historical centers in Italy. It is the meeting point for locals, tourists and international students who enrich the local culture with their artistic and gastronomic contributions. “Yes, yes it was love at first sight, it captivated me… I always wanted to come back.”

It took me 30 years to return. I settled in an apartment in the heart of the historic center of this beautiful city of Perugia, which became my Italian base. During the summers and well into the autumns of the years 2015 to 2018, I re-enrolled in the Italian Language and Culture courses offered by the University for Foreigners of Perugia, obtaining certification in Italian Language and Culture in 2018. This certification that would not have been possible, without the unconditional support of my husband in the pursuit and achievement of my crazy dreams. I have managed to transmit to my family the fascination I feel for Italy, especially to my husband who often accompanies me in search of that dream, adventure or fortified borgo (small town), of narrow streets in which a medieval-renaissance church dominates a historic center full of life and cultural activities where we can write a new and exciting chapter in our lives… but in Italian.